Sunday, 6 March 2011


Welcome everyone! As both a keen football fan and writer I thought it would be good fun to start up a blog where I can jot down a few of my thoughts on the world of football. I am a keen fan of Aberdeen FC, both the city that I was born in and the team that my dad supported during their period of greatest success in the 1980's. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I have never actually lived in Aberdeen, aside from a brief spell in Shetland I have always resided South of the border. Despite it being a challenge I always do my utmost to support the team I love in whatever way I can, whether it be watching as many live matches and highlights as I can to babbling on to my friends about the latest Dons issues (hopefully this blog will help a little with that).
In terms of other football, I follow Manchester United in England (for Fergie) and also really enjoy watching Serie A, so expect a few posts on those two subjects as well as whatever other football I've been watching. Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog!

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